Validate asset types before you attempt to import

  1. 1 New asset types will be added and existing asset types will be updated.
  2. 2 Asset types cannot be mass deleted using this endpoint. To remove an asset type, call the delete endpoint
  3. 3 If an asset type is in use, all asset types must be present with the correct datatypes
  4. 4 The asset type's group must exist
  5. 5 There are no more than 100 attributes on each asset type
  6. 6 Name must be unique, including deleted asset types
  7. 7 If an id is specified, it must exist in the database

Request Information

URI Parameters


Body Parameters

Asset types to validate

NameDescriptionTypeAdditional information

Asset types to validate

Collection of ImportAssetTypeDto


Max length: 1000

Min length: 1

Response Information

Standard Responses


Error Responses

HTTP Status CodeError MessageTypeAdditional Information